Anne Rosen didn’t always dream of a career in real estate and when the opportunity arrived she entered at a time that many view as the worst economic time in recent memory.  While many in the industry talked about “how terrible the market is” and how “buyers won’t get off the fence”, and how “sellers just aren’t realistic”, Anne hadn’t experienced the heyday.

For some, “been there, done that” is an expression.  For Anne, it is the absolute truth.  She was a world traveler at the age of 4, living in Germany and The Netherlands as her Dad served our country as a US Army Officer.   Her experience living in various communities around the country and the world created the foundation for Anne’s patience for others’ needs and ability to appreciate individual differences.

Anne has been a buyer and a seller and brings that understanding to each client transaction.  The process is the same each time – and that is where the similarity ends.  Her ability to personalize each experience is what sets Anne apart from other agents.  Her clients and REALTOR® peers agree.  She is a great listener and takes pride in her strong follow up and follow through skills.

Her previous career in the hospitality industry mirrors what real estate is all about.  Relationships and service. 

Anne owns a condo in a building that was once the YMCA hotel in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood.  It has seen quite a bit of history and has many stories to tell….not unlike Anne herself!  She is always excited every March when her Kansas Jayhawks are part of the “Madness” of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Anne’s passion for fitness, nutrition, and health ground her and give her the energy she needs to focus on her clients.